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How the Mannequins Available from UK Shopfittings Can Benefit Your Business

What retailer is complete without displays?

Studies have shown that customers are vastly more likely to buy an item if they can see it, leading to supermarkets and cafes adopting refrigerated display cases and clothing and apparel shops to invest in mannequins. At UK Shopfittings, we understand the importance of a good display, and we make sure to provide the best-quality mannequins so our customers can always depend on the ability to advertise their wares, capture the customer’s interest, and make the sale!

What is the Purpose of a Mannequin?

A mannequin is a display tool used to show off clothing, jewellery or accessories in a realistic way, so potential customers get a good idea of what it may look like when worn. On the rack or in a case, there is only so much that a shirt or a pair of shoes can be made to do to make them appealing to a customer – to really sell these items to the average shopper, we need a more realistic display. A mannequin does just that, giving the customer a better sense of how the item really looks and, more importantly, highlighting that item in their imagination.

When it comes to selling clothing, jewellery or accessories, the mannequin is your best tool.

What Kinds of Mannequin are There?

Of course, just like with clothing and jewellery, one size does not fit all – different mannequins are needed for different situations. That’s why UK Shopfittings, as the UK’s leading provider of shopfittings and mannequins for sale, stock a range of different mannequin types to suit your requirements. Whether you need to display full outfits in men or women, children’s apparel or just specific items, UK Shopfittings has the mannequin for the job. Get in touch with us today to let us know what you need, and see how we can accommodate your business’ requirements!

Full Body Mannequins – Male and Female Mannequins for Sale

A full body mannequin is ideal for displaying full outfits, and is most commonly seen in a clothing retailer, where it can be coordinated to display many items at once as different components of the “outfit”. There are both male and female mannequins for sale from UK Shopfittings, making sure that both men’s and women’s apparel can be fully advertised by our customers and helping push sales regardless of the population you’re selling to. Our child mannequins perform the same function for children’s wear.

Each pair of shoes, hat, bracelet or pair of sunglasses on the mannequin can be changed extremely easily, and even the full outfits are quick and simple to change, thanks to the user-friendly design of our mannequins. This makes them quick and easy to adapt to changing trends, seasonal events and even hot or cold snaps, giving your business an edge over slower-adapting competitors and helping to ensure success, whatever happens!

Child Mannequins

Ideal for displaying and advertising children’s apparel, a child mannequin creates realistic displays in the children’s section or in a store specialising in children’s wear. It can be hard enough choosing clothing for your child without poor displays and ineffective advertising complicating things further – make sure that you make the sale by showing off your products in the best possible way, with a display mannequin from UK Shopfittings!

Display Bust

When space is at a premium, or in stores which need only demonstrate shirts, blouses, necklaces and other apparel and accessories worn on the torso, a Display Bust or half-mannequin can be easily moved around the shop floor, stored without issue and take up very little space.

Body Forms

Ideal for use in displaying specific items as they would look when worn, without taking up much space, Body Forms are available from UK Shopfittings in a wide range of colours and sizes to fit any retail niche. Where space is tight, or many mannequins must be displayed at once, body forms make sure you can put on a spectacular display without hassle.

The clothing and accessories on a body form are easy to change when necessary, and the body forms can be mounted in much more versatile ways and in more locations around the store than a full mannequin could. Use them in specialist situations, or to fill niches that full mannequins cannot, for unbeatable display quality!

What Other Shop Fittings Are Available from UK Shopfittings?

In addition to our diverse range of mannequins for sale, UK Shopfittings are also the UK’s leading provider of shop fittings, like slat walls and slat wall panels, or display shelving and shop counters to suit any requirements.

Our slat walls are available with a full range of accessories and fittings to make them unequivocally the most versatile, adaptable and useful of all shop fittings, able to change up at a moment’s notice to display large amounts of stock in an appealing manner, freeing up floor space and transforming the “dead” space of your walls into useful retail real estate!

We also provide a variety of industry-leading display and counter options, from display shelving and display units to a range of shop counters, able to handle whatever demands your business activity may place on them!

Make sure your business is outfitted for success with UK Shopfittings – we can provide the tools for success.

Contact UK Shopfittings for Mannequins, Slatwalls, Shop Counters and More!

If you would like to know more about the mannequins for sale from UK Shopfittings, or you would like to make an enquiry about one of our other available products, like slat walls, slat wall panels, shop counters or displays, you can do so by calling our head office on 01704 565341 or sending us a message on to our email address, which is info@ukshopfittings.com!

The Shop Fittings experts at the UK Shopfittings head office will be happy to provide any advice you may need to find the ideal mannequin or shop fitting for your business’ needs. We can also answer any questions which you may have, and provide any information you need to know about the mannequins for sale in our range or the shop fittings we provide.

With years of experience under our belts in providing the UK’s foremost shop outfitting, you can rely on our expert head office staff to help you find the best possible fittings and displays for your shop. After all, it’s what we do best!

Get in touch with us on 01704 565341 today to discuss our products, talk about your requirements and goals, or to place an order or request a free no-obligation quote for the items you are interested in. We look forward to helping you!