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Why the Slat Wall is the Ultimate Shop Fitting

When you are outfitting a shop, the decisions that have to be made can seem endless. What location should you choose? What hours should you open? How should the store be decorated? Against these sorts of questions, it may seem trivial to ask what sort of shop fittings you are going to opt for, but it couldn’t be more important.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Card Display Stand

Greetings cards can be an excellent way for your business to generate some extra revenue. If you are involved in any kind of retail, you will be able to find greetings cards which suit your niche and your brand, providing you with a great retail option for your customers – cards don’t take up much space and generally don’t have an expiry date, and they’ve never been more popular among customers.

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The Advantages of Slatwall Accessories for Your Store

At UK Shopfittings, we know that one of the most important aspects of managing a successful retail store is in finding the best organisation of your space, creating an environment where your products are displayed as effectively as possible, while making sure your customers have plenty of space to walk around the store, browsing at their leisure.

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How Slatwalls Will Rule Retail in 2018

A slatwall is a universal sight in all good retail stores, either mounted to every wall of the store or affixed to shelving units throughout the premises. In fact, the odds are good that the last thing you bought from a retail store -no matter which one- was found on a slatwall, and you didn’t realise it!

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Preparing Your Store after the Christmas Rush

Christmas and the New Year are some of the busiest and most exciting times for shoppers and business owners alike. Storefronts and shops transform across the festive season, putting up new displays to show off their deals and sales offers, rearranging themselves to accommodate new products and exhibitions, and putting up lights, trees, banners and all manner of other Christmas and New Year decorations.

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Why to Invest in Slatwall Prongs for Your Store

As we’ve discussed in a few blog posts before this one, the ideal use of retail space comes in the form of slatwalls, which transform dead wall space into infinitely versatile retail shelving space, allowing you to mount displays in any configuration and in any combinations, and resulting in a much more effective retail display than the alternatives.

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How Slatwalls Can Revolutionise Your Retail Store

Retail stores face a number of challenges in design that are face by no other sort of business. With the potential for large numbers of customers in the store at any one time, and large amounts of product that all needs to be displayed in the best possible way in order to optimise sales, it’s crucial to use your limited space as effectively as possible.

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6 Advantages of Acrylic Displays

There are countless ways in which you can enhance the appearance of your shop, the simple addition of acrylic display stands is just one of them!

Here at UK Shopfittings, we have a complete range of acrylic stands available for you to choose from, these include 2 tier steps and 3 tier steps. The tiered acrylic displays make it easier for you to display your products on various levels.

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UK Shopfittings extensive range of Slatwall Accessories

Fitting slatwall panels to your shop is only possible with the appropriate slatwall accessories. Here at UK Shopfittings, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from, ensuring that you display your products effectively.

Whether you’re looking for slatwall hooks and brackets or slatwall hangers and fixtures, you’re bound to find something suitable from our extensive range of products!

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UK Shopfittings - Shop Counters

When it comes to choosing shop counters, you need to make sure that it suits the size and style of your shop. A UK Shopfitting shop counter can either seamlessly complement the design of your shop or add a dynamic design that stands out from the rest of your displays - it's entirely up to you!

The retail counters that we provide are perfect for display purposes. And with one of the retail counters we provide, you can be sure to maximise the space you have available and make your products more endearing.

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Top 8 Reasons Why You Need UK Shopfittings Slatwall Inserts

Slatwall inserts are relatively self-explanatory. They hold your slatwalls in place securely, allowing you to display your products in a way that's efficient and eye-catching. Rather than your products going unnoticed, why not use UK Shopfittings slatwalls to attract customer's attention. Lifting your products off the shop floor is extremely effective in helping to generate more traffic and sales for your shop.

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The Ultimate Guide To Installing Slatwall Panels

A slatwall can be fitted to a range of different businesses and is available in a range of sizes. Here at UK Shopfittings, we guarantee you'll find something that suits your specific needs! A slatwall is particularly enhancing for any retail or warehouse business, allowing for an innovative way to display and store products, and it needn't be expensive. If you're looking for affordable slatwall panels, you're in capable hands with UK Shopfittings unbeatable prices!

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The Importance Of Keeping Your Slatwalls Maintained And Clean

If you're looking to keep your slatwall inserts, slatwall panels or slatwall shelves clean, consider UK Shopfittings. We provide a range of slatwall accessories that are ideal for shops of various sizes. A slatwall accessory can be fitted on the wall or on the ground, it's a creative way to advertise your products and capture the attention of customers and passers-by.

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The Top 5 Pieces Of Shopfitting Equipment That Will Catch The Eye Of Your Customers!

When it comes to shopfitting equipment, you need to take into consideration the latest trends. If your shop has high ceilings it can provide a sense of freedom and sophistication, and allowing you to be creative, maximising the space you have available.

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How To Dress Mannequins For Your Fashion Brand

Visual merchandising can make or break the image of your fashion brand, so nailing the look you wish to project to your target demographic should be at the top of your to-do list. Many modern brands enlist the help of specialist visual merchandisers within their head offices and stores, professionals who have studied the fine art behind brand aesthetic, but anyone with an eye for fashion can succeed with the correct guidance.

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Why Our Gridwall Systems Are Suitable For Your Display Needs

Retail stores have a multitude of display needs, and it becomes necessary to find the most practical solutions. The way you lay out your merchandise for customers to view has a huge effect on business. When you put up your toys, shoes or clothes for exhibition, it is to call attention to them, which is why you have to ensure that it is done well. A gridwall system is one of the most efficient ways a retailer can arrange items such that shoppers can view them without limitations and access them with no obstacles.

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7 Vital Reasons You Need A Safe And Secure Cash Register

The Importance of Secure Money Handling Systems

For any business dealing with cash for most payments on a daily basis, cash registers are essential assets. Not only do they keep cash securely but they also provide daily activity logs of all sales tendered, and provide itemised bill totals/receipts. Cash registers range from the simple register with not much more functionality than a calculator, right up to sophisticated EPOS terminal cash registers. Tracking sales is essential for stock replenishment and profit calculation, with advanced models also able to synchronise with stock levels and multiple departments.

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Garment Rails Versus Display Units

We regularly get asked by new small start-ups, whether we would suggest garment rails over display units. Of course, when looked at logically, in any clothes shop, a mix of both is the ideal situation.

Garment Rails:

While many of today's man-made fabrics are crease resistant, allowing for easy folding, and marketing on a display unit, there are still good reasons to use hanging rails for a range of different ladies and gents apparel.

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5 Key Benefits Of Slatwall Products

Deemed as one of the most versatile items of all, Slat Walls are not only a popular, but important strategic solution for today's leading retailers. Panels and fittings are an attractive, versatile and economic answer to any shop's display needs. They come in an array of different materials, colours and designs while the easy installation and flexibility to effortlessly rearrange items makes them both, accommodating and highly cost-effective.
However, these are only few of the benefits that they present to retail owners around the world. To help you improve your store's overall appearance in an effective and appealing way by utilising our range of Slat Walls and accompanying accessories on offer, we have consolidated the top 5 key benefits of them right here for you:

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Why Slatwall Accessories Are A Must In Your Retail Store

Here at UK Shop Fittings we are aware that retail stores need innovative and practical ways to allow their customers to see their products clearly and in a well organised space. Products have to be arranged within the available retail space so that everything can be views clearly and with enough floor space to manoeuvre safely and comfortably around the store. One popular method of utilising the most of the space that is available within the store is to use Slatwalls

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