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Various Shop Counter Materials And Their Uses

A shop counter is the perfect way for stores to display such items as small electronics, jewellery, collectibles, purses, small antiques, watches, and more. Some shop counters include adjustable glass shelves, extra storage space, pullout drawers, and locking cabinets. Some of the glass case features incorporate a frameless design that grants a 360-degree view of the displayed objects. Jewellery and upscale department stores use the 360-degree shop counter to highlight accessories or items that are more expensive. The all-glass design gives customers the opportunity to see all the merchandise available for sale. 

Available Finishes

There are shop counters made from melamine-faced panels that complement or match other products such as shelves and slatwall panels. In addition, shop counters can be produced utilizing the enormous choice of laminate finishes from various manufacturers. 

Top Surface Choices

Melamine shop counters are standard and works for most typical retail uses. Some conditions like trade counters, collection-points will need something somewhat stronger. 

A perfect choice for a hardwearing and attractive counter top. Marmoleum is typically 3mm thick and is used as a floor covering as well as post office counters. It is eco-friendly due to its composition of 97% natural substances such as paper pulp, wood, and linseed oil. The material is tinted throughout so surface scrapes remain invisible. This material is resilient enough for trade shows and attractive enough for department stores. It works well as a writing surface as it gives somewhat under pressure. 

Laminate Finishes
Laminates are great for when you prefer a colour unavailable in melamine, or if you require a hardy surface. Laminate can be found in a broad range of finishes. Coloured laminate is frequently used as an accent panel on the frontage of counters or as a tougher top surface where the additional thickness is an advantage over melamine. Moreover, laminated boards can be used to make slatwall

Hanex Solid Surfacing
This material is the decisive shop counter-top. It is durable, waterproof, hygienic, has seamless joints, and lasts a lifetime. It is frequently requested for high-traffic areas in food establishments, supermarkets, garage forecourt-shops, transport hubs, bathrooms, and hotel reception desks. This synthetic acrylic material frequently bears a resemblance to marble finishes or granite terrazzo finishes; however, it is also available in dense colours. Hanex solid surfacing can be cut, routed and machined, jointed, and bent. The surface is extremely tough. If any scratches or dents occur, they can be smoothed away and refurbish the surface to pristine condition. 

Shop counters description
At UK Shopfittings we offer a full range of shop counters for your stores every day needs.   Shop counters are an excellent way to display your items using the floor space of your store.

Here at UK Shopfittings we offer a full budget range.  These counters are made from MFC (chipboard) and will be sent flat packed.  This range offers a cost effective solution for your store.  The counters come in either white or maple and are available in varying sizes. Toughened glass is included as standard.  We offer 1/2 glass counters, full glass counters 3 tier square islands and varying corner units in this range. We also do Cash Registers at incredibly good prices.

We also offer a Quality Range.  These counters are constructed from melamine face 18mm MDF. Again toughened glass is included as standard. This range offers a quality finish along with strength to suit your displaying needs. These shop counters will be delivered built up, which saves you precious time.  We offer the quality range counters in varying colours for example, white, cream, pewter, cherry, oak and black.  The counters are a matching finish to the slatwall panels.  There are varying designs available.  These include 1/4 glass counter, full glass counter, cash & wrap counter, wall mounted showcase and 3 tier rectangular island unit.

If you have any Shop counters queries please call us free on 0800 270 7615 where we will be happy to help.