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We here at UK Shop Fittings have a wide assortment of high quality acrylic slatwall panels that are fit to meet space utilization and decorative needs of shop owners. Making full use of wall space, and not only aisle space, is crucial to keeping your retail store functioning at top capacity, and slatwall systems are a practical and popular solution.

Our slatwall panels come in four foot square and four by eight foot panels options, the latter allowing portrait (upright) or landscape (horizontal) arrangement. The slots are positioned 100 mm apart from centre to centre, and matching inserts provide the base for clothing hooks, shelf brackets, or other accessories. Keeping an open display area while accommodating a sufficient quantity of goods is essential to an efficiently run retail establishment, and slatwall panels are one important component in a smartly set up shop interior scheme.

Reds, yellows, wood tones, white, black, mirror shine, and much, much more is available as to color and style- the list is truly extensive, giving you a vast array of choices. Panels can be cut to length to fit in small or odd-shaped shop spaces or for artistic reasons. Joining strips create longer slatwall sections, and edge trim, inside and outside corner covers, and iron-on edging tape make for a fantastic finish.

Shelves can be run across the full length of the panel, only partially across, or can be staggered and arranged in unique ways. The shelving is either melamine (same material as panels) or glass. The glass shelves are 6 mm thick and come with specially designed brackets to ensure they are safely secured.

Our slatwalls and slatwall panels are relatively easy to install and are made of highly durable material. We understand the need for a long-lived, attractive, and space conscious means of storing shop items along otherwise un-used walls, and we thus keep in stock for our clients the very best slatwall panel and inserts systems that we are confident will satisfy their requirements.

Don't leave that shop wall an empty area that contributes nothing to product storage and display. Customers can peruse and inspect your valuable merchandise with ease when it is held up to their view on a hook or shelf connected to an attractive slatwall panel or slatwall display. We carry only the most superior slatwall products and can deliver them to you quickly from centrally located warehouse. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns about how to go about having an excellent slatwall system installed on your shop's walls.

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Slatwall Inserts

If you own a shop and have already decided on including slatwall panels in your interior decorative and space-saving scheme, the next thing to think about is the role the inserts will play in the total slatwall system. Inserts will come in packs sufficiently large to fully fill in your panels. If a horizontal (portrait) set up, a 23 member pack of 1200 mm inserts will suffice; if a vertical (landscape) arrangement, then a 12 piece pack of inserts twice as long is recommended. Four by four panels will come inserts in packs of 12 at 1200 mm each. The coloration will match your panels, unless you have other plans- a multi-color slatwall system with the panels one color and the inserts another can certainly be accommodated.

The most common type of slatwall insert is the L-shaped PVC variety. But L or T shaped mill-finished aluminum inserts are available for heavier weight bearing jobs. Note that these heavier duty inserts must be slid into the groove prior to fastening the panel to the wall, whereas the PVC type can be inserted before or after the panel installation is complete.

Our Slatwalls, Slatwall shelves, boxes, prongs, eurohooks, brackets, straight or sloping arms, waterfall hooks, display rings, picture hooks, and more can complete the process of making your slatwall panels ready to store goods, but without the inserts none of this will be possible. The inserts thus make for a functioning wall and allow great versatility in case of future changing display needs. Acquiring plenty of accessories to accompany your inserts will allow rearrangements for sales and annual seasonal shop redecoration.

The PVC is strong and durable and can carry a good amount of weight, ensuring your merchandise is securely locked into place. The aluminum inserts will prove even stronger, and shops stocking highly dense items will want to prefer this latter choice. Every style, storage method, and weight load one is likely to desire to use their slatwall storage system for is inherently connected with the choice of slatwall insert. We have inserts for every need, and we can deliver them from our mid-England warehouse in only one to three business days at reasonable rates. Be sure to check out our cash registers and shop counters all at low prices too!

If you require a quality Slatwall System or Slatwall Display please contact us today!