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Garment Rails and Racks

Retailers often find themselves with a difficult space and decor management job. They must fit all of their products into the limited space available in a store setting, while properly displaying the products to the customers. High quality garment rails and racks are a virtual necessity for the store owner or manager. The garments must be positioned in a way that makes them easy for shoppers to see and investigate them, and also be held up by sturdy supports. They must be attractive, while not distracting from the product for sale. We provide the retailer with shiny chrome or black finished garment rails and racks that endure the trials of constant use, that make for easy removal and replacement of the product, and that add to the decorative beauty of the display room or area. 

There are different sorts of rails and racks that better fit various purposes and fit more easily into smaller or larger stores. Some are excellent to use in cramped spaces, while others are better suited to open areas. When using and arranging garment holders, aisle clearance must also be taken into account. These are all factors in choosing an appropriate rack for a specific purpose. Another consideration is the simple desirability of variety in the display room. The use of a variegated assortment of rack types can create a pattern, or conversely, it can break up an otherwise monotonous scheme.

We supply the shopfitting accessories that help you to succeed in the retail business.
The retail world can be tough on equipment, and so it is imperative to use strong and smartly built rails and racks. Our squared mid-tubes, tightly secured arms, and adequately weighted bases deliver that strength. Besides strength and fashion, there is adjustability to think of. Multi-stage adjustability allows you the flexibility you need to adjust to the retail seasons and sales you will face. Our racks are easy to adjust intentionally, but tough to budge by accident. 

We offer rails and racks with various numbers of arms. These arms are independently adjustable and can be locked into place. Ring stands, two-tier revolving stands, spiral rails that can display up to 60 lightweight garments, single tier revolving stands suitable for belts, ties, and the like, and multi-arm rails with both straight and waterfall design arm types, and lingerie towers with adjustable feet are all among our inventory choices. We also carry collapsible rails that are perfect for salesmen or shop fitting rooms. 

Our garment rails are over five foot high and from three to six foot wide, made of thick, strong metal support tubing, and include card holder fittings. These are well designed and beautiful pieces that will well complement your merchandise.

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