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Gridwall System

We carry all the Gridwall System parts and accessories that can help you to construct the very display cases needed to house your merchandise. The Gridwall System is a well known and affordable method that retailers can use to arrange their store's products in a visually and manually accessible way so as to increase likelihood of quick sales. These units can be wall-hung or free-standing and come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work load levels to ensure that you are aisles are up to the task. 

Firstly, the base can be have double or singe sided fully adjustable legs. It makes all the difference to have this option when you need to keep some items up against the wall or just before a wall-adjacent walking aisle, but others in the centre of the store with an aisle on both sides. H Gondola base shapes make fore extra stability, but there are medium and light weight options too so that you will not pay for extra heavy duty holding strength except where you really need it. Optional rolling bases allow for easy movement of sale or fitting room items, and triangular or small four-way bases are great for small items like post cards, ties, or pens. 

The mesh panels rise from four to eight feet high, allowing for different ceiling heights and merchandise densities. Both vertical and horizontal assembly is possible, and joining clips can combine multiple panels. Wall brackets allow panels to be fixed against the wall, to maximize storage space. Single, looped, notched, or euro hooks accommodate a great variety of display item types optimally. 

Arms also come in a wide assortment. Straight run (D) and corner piece (quarter) hanging rails can hold hanger-laden clothing, waterfall arms come in under hook and seven ball models, and straight arms have an optional disk end. Sloping or flat shelves hold products in with a lip end, spacious flat baskets are fully bordered, clever shoe and shirt shelves are customized to their very specific purposes, triangular corner shelves save valuable space, and S and banana hooks are a cost-effective means to keep items in position. This is not even the full list of attachments that the Gridwall System has to offer, but it gives the sense of how fully thought out the system really is.

WE at Uk Shopfittings carry a big supply of the various pieces needed to construct a fully functioning Gridwall retail merchandise storage system because we always seek out the best products for our customers. We know the importance of an effective and cost-efficient product display method to the success of your retail business. 

Gridwall System description
At UK Shopfittings we offer our Gridwall range.  Gridwall is an alternative display system made from heavy duty chrome offering an extra strong solution to displaying products of all shapes and sizes.  Each mesh panel have 3" x 3" squares and come in 4  different sizes and can be attached to the wall or free standing.  The mesh panels can be used either vertical or horizontal and can be joined together with multiple panels. Gridwall panels therefore offer many displaying options for your stores needs.

We offer an extensive range of gridwall accessories to enhance your gridwall panel. The gridwall hook and gridwall eurohook comes in a variety of sizes to offer solutions to display multiple products.  We also offer a range of gridwall sloping and straight arms, which offer a slightly stronger solution for heavier items.  Uk shopfittings also offer a range of gridwall shelves and rails and also gridwall baskets.

If you have any Gridwall queries please call us free on 0800 270 7615 where we will be happy to help.

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