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Accessories For Stocking a Clothing Boutique

Slat wall clothing displays are elegant and create an upscale atmosphere. Even better are hangers, tagging equipment, shopping baskets, and a large poster board for dry eraser or poster display. Additional equipment ensures a business can open immediately and be prepared for security concerns as well. There is no need to turn to a separate supplier for clothing accessories; our prices are excellent and it is better to save on parcel.

A tagging gun from UK Shopfittings requires no more funds than four pounds. Additional needles cost 3.50 pounds each and 5000 plastic attachments cost the same. A tagging gun is a fast way to attach price tags that cannot be easily removed by tugging or less scrupulous customers. 

It can also be used to attach plastic hooks for suspending a shirt on display. Such a utility is indispensable, as it allows any article of clothing to be displayed in any position desired. A shirt can be suspended from the collar or it can be stretched over a wall or display board by tagging the cuffs. Tagging gun hooks require no more than 7.50 pounds for a packet of 5000. 

21 liter shopping baskets are inexpensive and conform to the shopping experience of the boutique. As they are not normally sold in retail stores, it is easier and less expensive to order shopping baskets online from UK Shopfittings and have them delivered to your business. At a price of less than five pounds per basket, it is truly the low capital solution to building a shopping store. Ordering in bulk saves on shipping costs.

Dump baskets are essential to clothing outlets, because it allows customers to quickly dispose of undesired shirts and blouses without having them dirtied by the floor. The light and airy wire cage design permits excellent circulation that prevents odors and matting. It is far easier for an organizer to remove clothes from bins than finding clothes among racks that were misplaced by customers. Proper bins are essential for inventory and time management.

Till rollers dispense receipts from mechanical and computerized registers. While slips of paper might resemble a mess, they are fast and inexpensive ways to keep track of sales and permit easy returns by customers. Till paper of six sizes are offered by UK Shopfittings, which reflects the range of standard till devices.