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Garment Hangers Overview

If you run your own shop, then you undoubtedly understand the importance of quality shopfitting supplies and equipment. Thankfully, we can provide the finest shopfitting supplies around for all of your business needs. Garment hangers are just one example of our many shopfitting components. If you're searching for garment hangers that are attractive, sturdy and reliable, then we have a wide array of suitable options available for you. 

If your shop sells clothing for adults and children alike, be sure to invest in garment hangers of both sizes. We sell large hangers for adults. Adults' hangers are typically available in two sizes. Our children's hangers are markedly smaller than our adult options and therefore are appropriate for displaying youngsters' attire. 

Consider the colour scheme of your shop before you make any decisions. Since our garment hangers come in many diverse colours, it's vital to think about the overall design of your shop. If you purchase hangers in the wrong colours, for example, you risk them clashing with the look of your business -- the last thing you want. Our garment hangers are made in colours such as white, black, grey, green and blue. If you appreciate brightness, we also have red and yellow hanger options. 

Be sure to also think about your hanger strength needs. We sell heavy duty and light duty hangers alike. Our heavy duty hangers can better accommodate heavy and bulky clothing items, to be specific. Our light duty hangers are beneficial for lighter options -- think summery sundresses. 

We also offer a wide selection of shaped hangers. Shaped hotel, shaped top, shaped suit, shaped wishbone and shaped jacket hanger choices are all available, to name several prominent examples. When you explore your options in our shaped hangers, you can consider exciting and diverse features such as silver hooks and square necks. Some of these hangers are even equipped with convenient trouser bars that do not permit slipping.

If your shop sells a broad assortment of trousers, be sure to look at our laminated trouser hangers. These hangers are specifically designed to accommodate trousers and trousers alone. We also carry hangers that are specifically designed to hang knitwear. These hangers are laminated as well. 

If you need to invest in quality garment hangers for your shop, be sure to look into all of our reliable choices as soon as possible. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us via telephone.

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