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Card Units-Making the floor plan work for you

Here at UK Shop Fittings, We offer the widest selection of card units available to help you set up the perfect greeting card display for your store. Our units come in all sizes and styles to accommodate your display aspirations. Corner and central pieces are conveniently attached and shifted as needed when card units are installed. 

Styles for every occasion

Delux card units made from resilient materials like melamine makes the shelves stand out while providing a subdued, wood grain feel. Units like the internal and external corner card units make it easy to incorporate and space out the pieces throughout the wall. Card display units come in a variety of finishes like white, gray, cream, beach, cherry ash and oak.

The customer and the space

One of the biggest factors in drawing in a customer is the layout of the store. A cluttered store doesn�t feel nearly as inviting as a spacious layout. An eye-catching display in the middle of a store should never be upstaged. Proper staging and spacing can determine whether or not a customer feels invited to enter the store or is encouraged to walk past the store. Our greeting card units provide a unifying and flowing layout for the entire floor plan.

Creating more space

Some store owners recognize the need for getting much more out of their storage space. Concealed drawer units and card gift wrap units are cost-effective ways to maximize floor space. Back-stock can easily be stored underneath the card cabinetry units, preventing the storage room from becoming too crowded. It also keeps employees on the floor and accessible to customers, which benefits stores with fewer employees.

Seasonal floor plan changes

Fluidity is the key when it comes to arranging a store display for a building. Store owners may want to promote new features or highlight overstocked items need to be able to quickly add units as needed. In places like gift shops, space can quickly become limited. These displays make it easy to make better use of vertical space using the 15- and 12-tiered card display units. Double side units cut costs by providing two separate spaces within just one display.

Our retailers appreciate the option of having to choose which pieces will work best for the layout of their store. Easy-to-assemble card units are very user-friendly and fives store owners the flexibility they deserve in their store layouts. Our card units are aesthetically pleasing and help retailers get the most out of the space available on their floors.

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