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UK Shopfittings extensive range of Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall panels are found in a wide range of retail environments, either affixed to the wall or as a stand-alone unit. They have a plethora of different applications, such as organising marketing material and displaying products, and they demonstrate a broad spectrum of different benefits and advantages. However, it’s important to note, this popular type of shopfitting is only made possible with the appropriate slatwall accessories. From the slatwall brackets used to secure your panels in place to the arms and display baskets that showcase your merchandise, slatwall accessories are an essential aspect of the slatwall system. It’s important to select the right slat wall accessories for you and your shop and, here at UK Shopfittings, it’s fair to say we cater for everyone.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we offer a fully comprehensive range of slatwall accessories, including metal accessories, acrylic accessories and high-quality slatbox. Whatever your individual needs and requirements, we guarantee, we have the ideal slat wall accessories and slatwall fixtures for you. So why not take a look at our product guide below and check out our full range here.

Metal Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall Hooks

Probably one of the most popular of all slat wall accessories, slatwall hooks are a very affordable and convenient solution. They effectively maximise the space you have available in your shop and they can be used to display a multitude of different products. Take for example the Slatwall Eurohook, currently available here at UK Shopfittings. It has a very attractive chrome finish, it is available in a variety of different sizes (from 100mm to 300mm in length) and it is the perfect solution for a diverse range of retail environments. Just like all of our products, invest in our slatwall hooks and you can expect the highest possible quality for a very reasonable price.

Slatwall Arms

Customer experience is more important than ever; as a shop owner, you need to make your shop is as easy and as pleasant as possible to browse and one way to achieve this is using slatwall arms. This type of slat wall accessory ensures that all products are kept at eye level and they come in a variety of different styles. For example, here at UK Shopfittings, we offer both straight and sloping varieties and we stock both a slatwall stepped arm and a slatwall millinery arm. All of which fit perfectly into the slatwall panels and they are a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for heavy products.

Acrylic Slatwall Fixtures

Acrylic slatwall accessories are another popular choice for the retail environment. Typically constructed from clear, high-quality acrylic, they add a modern and airy feel to the shop and they are suitable for displaying a diverse range of consumer goods and merchandise – including everything from shoes and jewellery to ornaments and novelty gifts. Here at UK Shopfittings we currently offer acrylic slatwall shoe displays, shelving, bins, poster holders and more, all of which are designed to offer a perfect fit, no matter how big or small your shop may be. Browse through the full collection today and see which acrylic slatwall accessories or fixtures meet your needs and requirements.

Display Brackets

Slatwall display baskets are yet another innovative way to present your products to customers and, thanks to their robust plastic construction, they are suitable for smaller items such as screws, nuts, and bolts. The collection of display baskets, or slatboxes, currently available at UK Shopfittings includes storbox, popbox, and cratebox and they come in a variety of different sizes and colours. They are super-tough, fade-resistant and they will add a quirky, colourful look to your premises.

Slatwall Hangers

Slatwall hangers are, by far, the most versatile of all slat wall accessories. They are a sturdy alternative for displaying merchandise and, suited to a retail environment, they are the perfect option for displaying both adult and children’s clothing. Here at UK Shopfittings, we offer a diverse range of light- and heavy-duty garment hangers in different colours, sizes, and styles. When choosing slatwall garment hangers for the first time, be sure to consider the nature of your merchandise and choose a design and colour of hanger that resonates well with your business. Of course, they need to be practical and fit for purpose, but you also want them to complement the décor of your shop.

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