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Garment Rails Versus Display Units

We regularly get asked by new small start-ups, whether we would suggest garment rails over display units. Of course, when looked at logically, in any clothes shop, a mix of both is the ideal situation.

Garment Rails:

While many of today's man-made fabrics are crease resistant, allowing for easy folding, and marketing on a display unit, there are still good reasons to use hanging rails for a range of different ladies and gents apparel.

Whatever the shop size, hanging rails provide the opportunity for customers to consider the overall appeal of an item(s). Items designed for mix and match, such as ladies skirts, blouses, and jackets; or gent's blazers, jackets and trousers, can be hung on rails to provide visual appeal. One item can be substituted for another by the customer, until the colour coordination required is found. Then it's off to the changing room to check the fit.

Display rails are available in a range of sizes, and can be portable (fitted with castors), self standing, fitted to walls, revolving, or a fixed ring stand. The size of the premises, and products one intends to market, will have a bearing on the number and types of different rails required.

Display Units:

The use of display shelving, in conjunction with mannequins, is the ideal way to show off a large range of more casual clothing and underwear. Full or half-size mannequins can be fitted to display ladies underwear sets, men's briefs and boxers, tee shirts, polo shirts, and a variety of other tops. The full range of colours, sizes, and tee shirts with different logos, can then be folded on the units or gondolas alongside the mannequin.

With his and her jeans coming in so many different styles and colours, even the big super-stores are hard pushed to display them all. Display one or two styles on your mannequins, and the remainder can be folded and stacked on your display shelving.

With so many products today arriving in individual cellophane wrappers, display prongs which screw or clip into the gondola's wooden backing, are great space savers for displaying items such as ties, handkerchiefs, and sets of his or her briefs.

Take an Inventory:

Whether your intention is to open a shop specialising in used clothing, period clothing, a type or style of casual wear, or a general clothing shop, having an idea of what you will be selling will help decide the number of rails versus units you will need.

As a rule, anything which hangs from shoulder or waist, to the knees or below, will be better displayed on a hanging rail, while anything shoulder to waist, can be easily folded on display shelving.

Other than work, business, or special functions, most of us these days dress in a very casual manner. The young especially, are used to visiting the largest of stores, and rummaging through piles of jeans, tops, and other casual wear on display shelves looking for the size or colour they want.

Finally, if you're not quite sure how to proceed, have a word with your local shop-fitters. Both display shelving and hanging rails can be more permanently fitted around the walls of your establishment. With the remaining space taken up by easily moved garment rails and display units, you have plenty of options to add rails or remove units as new styles come in, and business increases.