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Why Our Gridwall Systems are Suitable for Your Display Needs

Retail stores have a multitude of display needs, and it becomes necessary to find the most practical solutions. The way you lay out your merchandise for customers to view has a huge effect on business. When you put up your toys, shoes or clothes for exhibition, it is to call attention to them, which is why you have to ensure that it is done well. A gridwall system is one of the most efficient ways a retailer can arrange items such that shoppers can view them without limitations and access them with no obstacles. .

A grid panel can be installed on a wall or freestanding; it depends on your specific requirements. At UK Shopfittings gridwall, panels are available in a host of shapes and sizes for the myriad of display solutions. The system consists of metallic grids where hooks are placed to hang all kinds of merchandise. This display method is a simple one that provides a lot of space for all variety of items. With the assorted grid panels we have, it helps to know how to get the most appropriate ones.

Know What you Need

The display requirements of one retail store are not the same as the next one because some variables factor in. Think about the type of products that you want to put on show. For instance, small items that are hard to notice need to be in the visible sections of the store such as the aisles and near the front counters. In such a case, a freestanding gridwall with single sided adjustable legs will be an ideal choice. A mesh panel that hangs on the wall will be preferable for merchandise that is hard to miss.

The space available will also dictate the gridwall panels to have in your store. A retailer with limited space is better served by wall-mounted systems as opposed to the freestanding alternative because the former will not eat up a lot of room. Consider how high you want the mesh panels to go when selecting one. Of course, you don’t want displays that are so high that customers struggle to reach items, and they should also not be too low to avoid accidents.

Gridwall shelve rails are other aspects to think about when making the final decision. At UK Shopfittings, we have different options for shelves, including baskets, slanting shelves, triangular shelves and a range of rails. The items you need to show off will determine the most suitable shelving for your outlet. Baskets are perfect when you want to maximise space while rails allow you to hang clothes comfortably.

Accessorising Gridwall Panels

We have various accessories that will make the most of your mesh panels. There are gridwall hooks and Eurohooks that will make it possible to hang merchandise such as dresses, shirts and coats. You can get different arms for your gridwall panel to make it suitably customised to display all kinds of products. Arms are particularly useful for panels with single or double sided adjustable legs because customers can easily reach items when cruising the aisles. Our wall brackets will let you install the mesh panels safely and guarantee that they stay mounted on the wall. For heavier products, consider our straight-arm alternatives for sturdier displays. You can also get joining clips in case you are attaching more than one mesh panel on one wall. The systems can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Our mesh panels are superior quality to ensure that your store has the right installations for a long time. A gridwall system requires very minimal maintenance, which is a great plus point, especially for large retailers. The facile installation of mesh panels is another reason they are excellent solutions to your display needs.