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How Slatwalls Can Revolutionise Your Retail Store

Retail stores face a number of challenges in design that are face by no other sort of business. With the potential for large numbers of customers in the store at any one time, and large amounts of product that all needs to be displayed in the best possible way in order to optimise sales, it’s crucial to use your limited space as effectively as possible.

You may wish to use display stations or arrangements, racks or shelves to display your wares, but this may not be the ideal way to show off each product in an appealing way – while investing more time and space in a more complex and visually effective display arrangement may mean that there is no longer enough room to comfortably and safely move around the store. With such an impossible dilemma, what can you possibly do? Is there any way to resolve these two options?

As a matter of fact, there is, and slatwalls are one popular answer to the problem of advertising your goods while accommodating your customers. In order to run the most effective store possible, you’ll need to make good use not only of aisle space, but of wall space as well, and slatwalls allow you to do this in the most versatile and cost-effective way possible by providing almost limitless variety and adaptability, all contained completely on your wall.

What is a slatwall and how can it help me?

A slatwall is an arrangement of melamine slats (a hard-wearing, durable and attractive plastic) mounted to your wall, allowing you to use inserts to install shelving, rails, hooks, or any other method you can imagine of displaying your goods, without taking up any more space than a normal wall would!

A huge variety of colours, finishes and material effects are available for your slat wall, and panels can be cut to fit perfectly in your store or to create specific lengths for an artistic effect.

Don’t leave a section of wall empty and waste valuable space that could be contributing to your retail effort – by using a slatwall, that blank space becomes an infinitely adaptable display unit and an asset to your business!

All slatwalls available from UK Shop Fittings are of the highest standards and are designed with performance and longevity in mind. Made from a durable polymer that will keep its shine and resist any wear and tear that use may inflict on it, a slat wall may also be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your products, with a low initial investment cost and almost no maintenance required.

It's easy to see how slatwalls became so popular with retail stores. With the ability to adapt to any new configuration and nothing required but some slatwall inserts to completely transform a display, they take up very little space in a store, change blank, useless wall into an excellent display unit, and will last through the years to provide you with a reliable display service when you need it most. For more information on how a slatwall can help you, or to place an order, get in touch with the team at UK Shop Fittings on 01704 565341 today! They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.