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Preparing Your Store after the Christmas Rush

Christmas and the New Year are some of the busiest and most exciting times for shoppers and business owners alike. Storefronts and shops transform across the festive season, putting up new displays to show off their deals and sales offers, rearranging themselves to accommodate new products and exhibitions, and putting up lights, trees, banners and all manner of other Christmas and New Year decorations.

Turning your business into a winter wonderland may seem like a daunting task as a business owner, but with the right shop fittings, the challenge is made considerably easier. Fittings which allow ready changes to the displays and layouts of the store mean that you can turn your shop floor into a Christmas paradise as easily as possible and make the most of the festive rush, accommodating more customers and more products. In the cold and bleak conditions of December, a warm, inviting display is more important than ever, drawing customers in from all around to shop with you – so don’t get left out in the cold – get those Christmas decorations up!

Shopfittings That Make the Festive Season Easier

The right fittings can make or break your Christmas display. With an easily-adapted store, you’ll be well ahead of the game when it comes to setting up for the festive season, so at UK Shopfittings, we recommend using the following convenient, versatile shopfittings:

A Slatwall and Slatwall Panels

Slatwalls are some of the most popular and adaptable fittings, and are used all across retail to provide variable, responsive displays. With a slatwall, fitted with slatwall panels and the right slatwall accessories, like hooks and shelving, you can change the entire face of your store quickly and easily. Simply slide the hooks and shelves to wherever you want them, and you’re done!

Using a slatwall, you can arrange your stock displays around key decorations, make the best use of space, and arrange your store to catch the eye of any potential customers, capturing the full potential of the festive season.

A Gridwall System

A gridwall system is an alternative to slat walls, made up of a lattice of 3-inch squares which allow you to mount rails or shelves in an endless variety of combinations. With so much versatility, incorporating Christmas decorations or changing the arrangement to include new products and festive sales has never been easier.

A Twin Slot System

While not as changeable as a slat wall or gridwall, twin slot systems still reliably provide the ability to chop and change your display as you see fit. Made with sturdy steel back rails and adaptable shelving or railings, a twin slot system is a great answer to demands for a stronger display option and can handle the heavy loads required during the Christmas and New Year shopping rush.

Shop Counters

Shop counters have been in use for as long as shops have been – and for good reason. A good shop counter, like those provided by UK Shopfittings, provides storage space and access behind it, allows you to maximise the space used by your staff to ring through purchases and help customers, and creates the most efficient means of customer management you need to make the most of the Christmas season.

Acrylic Displays

An acrylic display is an excellent and stylish way to show off small goods, delicate items such as necklaces and chains, or aesthetically-oriented and valuable objects like smartphones and shoes.

Don’t get left out in the cold this Christmas – prepare your store to make the most of the festive season with the range of versatile, adaptable equipment from UKShopfittings!!