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Why Slatwalls and Slatwall Accessories are a must in your Retail Store

Here at UK Shop Fittings we are aware that retail stores need innovative and practical ways to allow their customers to see their products clearly and in a well organised space. Products have to be arranged within the available retail space so that everything can be views clearly and with enough floor space to manoeuvre safely and comfortably around the store. One popular method of utilising the most of the space that is available within the store is to use Slatwalls.

What are Slatwalls?

These are a practical way in which you can use the walls in your store to display products. We produce a Slat Wall panel that is made from durable acrylic and which is available as both a 4 foot and 8 foot square panel. These panels can be attached to any available wall space in order to attach shelves, hooks. brackets and other accessories in order to display the goods in an attractive and best manner. More information can be found on our Slatwall Accessories page.

Why you should use them?

So why are these panels and accessories useful for the retail store? The Slatwall has many benefits for retailers that are days used below.

Practical and easy to use: Slat Walls are incredibly easy to install and are very easy to use. They use the maximum floor space that is available and make the most of available aisle space. In fact every inch of shop space can be maximised.

Variety of colours: All of our Slat Walls are available in a variety of colours such as yellow, red, natural wood, white and black, meaning that you can truly personalise the space for the brands that you sell.

Can be placed anywhere: Our panels can be cut to any size so that they can fit into any space. This means that even the most awkwardly shaped space can be used to display items. The panels can be placed along the floor, above alcoves and even in narrow alleyways.

Slatwall Accessories: We have many Slatwall accessories for retail stores to choose from. This means that the Slat Wall can be adapted to any environment or retail need. You can truly choose the way in which your products are displayed.

We provide shelving that is made from strong acrylic or from durable glass. When using glass shelves they are attached firmly into place by specialist brackets, so that they will not move. This makes them perfectly safe.

We also supply accessories such as boxes, brackets, hooks, rings and picture hooks. This enables you to display any item in a secure way and of your choosing. You can also use a combination of accessories on one wall.

For more information about any of our panel walls and accessories please do visit our homepage.