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7 Vital Reasons You Need A Safe And Secure Cash Register

The Importance of Secure Money Handling Systems

For any business dealing with cash for most payments on a daily basis, cash registers are essential assets. Not only do they keep cash securely but they also provide daily activity logs of all sales tendered, and provide itemised bill totals/receipts. Cash registers range from the simple register with not much more functionality than a calculator, right up to sophisticated EPOS terminal cash registers. Tracking sales is essential for stock replenishment and profit calculation, with advanced models also able to synchronise with stock levels and multiple departments.
We have compiled a list of 7 main reasons why all retail businesses need cash registers:

1. Cash Security

Money handling is a major consideration for so many retailers and storing cash in a money box is no longer acceptable in todays busy economy. Cash boxes are like bait for thieves with a "one grab" opportunity being too good to miss for so many criminals. A cash register is seen as a more permanent fixture than a money box and much harder to steal.

2. Tracking Sales and Stock Control

Your business is all about sales and profit so keeping track of every transaction taking place is crucial to stock control and the sales process. Cash registers do just that, register and log sales to provide a daily journal of all cash events so that stock levels can be monitored and replenished where necessary.

3. Professional Image to Customers

Fumbling around in a cash box takes time and looks very clumsy. Working out of a cash box suggests that you haven't quite made it off the market stall, and while many market stalls make a tidy profit, the average retailer needs to eminate more professionalism by using cash registers rather than cash boxes.

4. Clearly Demarcate Staff Only Area

Most members of the public respect boundaries when properly set and having cash registers strategically placed can help to clearly define an area intended for staff only. Customers will naturally form a line in front of the register, especially if you have a model that displays the price of each sales item to the customer as you run it through the till.

5. Cost Effective Alternative to a POS System

POS (Point of Sale) machines are incredible pieces of technology with the processing power of a computer, bar code scanners and inter-departmental switching, but can be somewhat of an overkill for the small to medium sized retail outlet. Cash registers offer a more simple and affordable solution for smaller retailers who do not yet see the need for such an advanced machine.

6. Providing Proof of Purchase

Are you fed up of writing out receipts for your customers? Scared of misplacing receipt books or, worst still, having them stolen? Cash registers offer a sturdy and secure way of generating receipts for sales items and make it easier to track purchases when it comes to returns or replacements. Customers just have to retain their receipts to prove that their purchase was genuine.

7. Opportunity for Additional Advertising

Till rolls do not have to be ordinary receipts. Just think, every customer that enters your establishment is another opportunity to spread the word about your special offers and products. The rear of your receipts can be used as marketing material and an excellent way to let their family and friends know about your services. Think of innovative ways to print on the back of your receipts to optimise their marketing value.

Cash Register Brands and Options

Whether you choose to buy a Casio cash register or a Sharp cash register, the options are similar and both manufacturers are equally as good with decades of experience manufacturing calculators and tills. A Sam4s cash register is another reputable brand of till available on the market from a variety of till specialists. The options you decide on and the price you pay will depend on the size and type of your business. Various options include a choice of screen type which can start from LED screens with less clarity and LCD screens with complete order display. The option of PLU or Product Look Up enables you to search using code numbers and especially useful for establishments with a high number of products on sale. SD card slots are also available as an option on some machines or standard on others, offering the ability to download sales and tax data.