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5 Key Benefits of Slatwall Products

Deemed as one of the most versatile items of all, Slat Walls are not only a popular, but important strategic solution for today's leading retailers. Panels and fittings are an attractive, versatile and economic answer to any shop's display needs. They come in an array of different materials, colours and designs while the easy installation and flexibility to effortlessly rearrange items makes them both, accommodating and highly cost-effective.
However, these are only few of the benefits that they present to retail owners around the world. To help you improve your store's overall appearance in an effective and appealing way by utilising our range of Slat Walls and accompanying accessories on offer, we have consolidated the top 5 key benefits of them right here for you:

Slatwall Panels for Flexible Functionality

Panels present a universal solution to fully utilise space of walls as well as aisle on the shop floor. The smart and easy set up allows for efficient arrangement of items with making most of the capacity. Our panels also enable retail stores to display their stock in individual layouts, as they can be structured and aligned as needed.

Slatwall Material Options for Greatest Durability

Our panels, fittings and accessories are processed from durable materials to ensure your display will be robust and long-lived. Panels are manufactured from high quality fibreboard or MDF - with a wide variety of finishes that can be cut to individual needs. The colour co-ordinated standard inserts are made from strong, but flexible PVC to secure sufficient hold of accessories, whereas our mill finish aluminium inserts ensure that heavier display applications remain in place securely.

Slatwall Fittings and Panels for Attractive Design Solutions

We know how important item displays are for a store' s atmosphere and therefore are proud to offer our customers an extensive range of different coloured and styled items that are flexible enough to fit in various spaces (such as small or odd-shaped areas) while contributing to the store's overall appearance. No matter the size, or ceiling height of your retail space, we offer unique, functional and appealing solutions to present your brand in an appealing and impressive design for your customers.

Slatwall Fittings for Maximum Practicality

With the flexibility of our panels, that are available as portrait and landscape (upright / horizontal) variations, either matching or colour-contrasting inserts for accessories can be supplied. Finally, fittings such as shelves, boxes, hooks, arms and rings will be added to the inserts so your goods can be stored & presented in an attractive manner. With this set up, our systems allow practical arrangement of items while using store space flexibly and support easy redecoration and exchange of fittings for changing stock or display needs.