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Slatwall: the perfect garage storage solution

A garage is very rarely used for what it was originally intended. It often becomes an extra storage room, a space that is piled high with boxes, gardening tools, sports equipment and much more. But if you’re tired of the clutter and you want to restore your garage back to its primary function (i.e. a place to park your car), it may be time to invest in an effective slatwall storage system.

Garage slatwall is becoming an increasingly popular option with savvy home-owners – and it’s easy to understand why. This simple system utilises the walls of your garage and maximises the available space. It offers a creative yet practical garage storage solution and, with a wide range of slatwall accessories to choose from, it is surprising how much of a difference it can make.

What slatwall accessories could I use in my garage?

There are so many different slatwall accessories to choose from and, if you put a little thought and creativity into it, there is bound to be an application for each within the garage setting.

However, some of the more commonly-used garage slatwall accessories include:

1. Slatwall prongs and hooks

Single slatwall prongs and euro-hooks will take up very little space on your garage slatwall panel and they can be easily moved to suit your current storage needs. Thanks to their simplicity, they can be used to hang a diverse range of items – including everything from small hand-held tools and gardening equipment (e.g. trowels, secateurs) to paint brushes, barbeque accessories and more.

2. Slatwall baskets, bins and boxes

These come in many different shapes and sizes and, as such, they can be used to store just about everything. Simply throw in whatever you need and clear away the clutter on your garage floor.

For example, a slatwall mesh basket could be filled with sports equipment or cleaning supplies. A slatwall acrylic bin could be used to store small hand-held tools, such as spanners and screwdrivers, and our fantastic range of slatwall storbox is the perfect option for spare nuts, bolts, and screws.

3. Slatwall shelves

Slatwall shelves, whether made from wood, glass, or acrylic, have a variety of garage-based applications. Just be sure to leave plenty of space above the shelf and you can stack books and DVDs, line up automotive fluids and tins of paint, or simply fill them with deep plastic storage boxes.

4. Shoe racks and garment hooks

A slatwall shoe rack offers the perfect place to store your muddy wellies, perhaps after a long walk with the dog or a day spent tending the garden. Simply pop the shoes on the rack, hang your coat on the garment hook, and these slatwall accessories will keep your garage looking neat and tidy.

Where can I buy garage slatwall accessories?

Here at UK Shopfittings, we have everything you could possibly need to create the perfect slatwall system for your garage. Our slatwall panels come in a variety of different colours and sizes and we currently have a diverse range of metal and acrylic slatwall accessories for you to choose from.

If you’re searching for the perfect garage storage solution, get in touch today and see how we can help you. Either give us a call on 01704 565341 or send a message to info@ukshopfittings.com and our team of experts will advise on the best garage slatwall accessories to suit your storage needs.