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The Importance Of Keeping Your Slatwalls Maintained And Clean

If you're looking to keep your slatwall inserts, slatwall panels or slatwall shelves clean, consider UK Shopfittings. We provide a range of slatwall accessories that are ideal for shops of various sizes.

A slatwall accessory can be fitted on the wall or on the ground, it's a creative way to advertise your products and capture the attention of customers and passers-by.

What makes a slatwall so important?

A slatwall is perfect for displaying your products in a way that's eye-catching and visible. UK Shopfittings provide various slatwall inserts that incorporate waterfall hooks, display rings and T-shaped PVC inserts - they are ideal for storing a range of products, whether you're aiming to display clothes, accessories or other products! A slatwall is designed to hold large capacities off the ground - it's an exciting and modern way to display your products.

If your shop displays products at various vantage levels, your products are more likely to jump out at customers! Slatwalls can help you to increase your footfall too. Rather than your products be unseen, why not maximise the space you have and use slatwalls to display your new products? Slatwalls are perfect for promotion!

So, why should you maintain your slatwall panels?

Maintain high standards

As with any businesses, maintaining standards should be the main priority. If you want to sustain your business reputation, it's essential you keep your shop clean and easily accessible, and with slatwall panels, you can reduce store clutter! However, if you choose not to maintain your slatwalls, they'll provide an unsightly finish rather than a creative, modern finish to your shop floor!


When it comes to slatwall inserts and accessories, you should consider the safety of your staff and customers. A slatwall that is poorly maintained could cause damage to not only your shop, but customers who are browsing your products as well. If your slatwall panels have never been maintained or cleaned, how do you know they're safe? It could fall off the wall at any given time and cause damage to your shop, products and staff or customers present! All shops should adhere to health and safety regulations, so it's your responsibility to ensure that your shop is well maintained and clean!


If you've gone to the expense of fitting slatwalls to your shop, surely, you'll want them to retain a high-quality? What's the point in installing slatwalls if you're not going to clean them regularly?

Preventing damage to products

Cleaning slatwalls doesn't have to be a big job, if it's done regularly, you needn't worry about your products becoming ruined by dust or dirt! If your products are spoilt, the chances are customers won't be attracted to them, they'll go elsewhere, where products are intact! Well maintained slatwalls can help you to prevent the loss of customers, your shop is clean and therefore makes customers feel welcome.

Meeting individual needs

In order to maintain a professional workplace, you should clean your slatwall shelves on a regular basis, this will allow you to meet the decorative needs of your customers and promote your products effectively.

Attracting customers

Installing a slatwall works wonders when it comes to generating more traffic into your shop and creating more sales. Slatwall accessories create an illusion; allowing your shop to feel more spacious and less cluttered - hence why it's so important to keep slatwalls clean!

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