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Top 8 Reasons Why You Need UK Shopfittings Slatwall Inserts

Slatwall inserts are relatively self-explanatory. They hold your slatwalls in place securely, allowing you to display your products in a way that's efficient and eye-catching. Rather than your products going unnoticed, why not use UK Shopfittings slatwalls to attract customer's attention. Lifting your products off the shop floor is extremely effective in helping to generate more traffic and sales for your shop.

Still not sure if slatwall inserts are a good fit for your store? Well here are eight reasons why you need them!

Display your products with ease

If all your products are displayed on one level, it's easy for customers to miss something they might need or better yet not even know they need, yet! Therefore, it's essential you install slatwalls to your shop to make your shop more modern and to creatively present your products!

Increase visibility

Make sure your customers feel welcome in your shop, allow them to instantly identify what products you have to offer. A slatwall that's supported by slatwall inserts will make your products more recognisable and will capture the attention of your target audience.

Improve the appearance of your shop

Not only can slatwalls help you to generate a positive reputation, the slatwall inserts from UK Shopfittings can be adapted to suit the surroundings of your shop. We have a wide range of coloured slatwall inserts, here at UK Shopfittings, including red, blue, green and white - so you needn't worry about our slatwall inserts offering a subtle blend with your slatwalls.

Ranging from black, cream, gold, yellow and orange, UK Shopfittings also provide black mirrored slatwall inserts (for those who prefer the luxurious things in life!)

Provide strength

The slatwall inserts aren't only desirable for their appearance, they have been designed to offer durability. The PVC and aluminium slatwall inserts we supply at UK Shopfittings are ideal for supporting various products of various capacities.

Offer high quality

At UK Shopfittings, we only stock the best slatwall inserts, they all offer the same level of quality. We tailor our products to suit your personal requirements, hence why our slatwall inserts have been created to offer optimal support for your products. If there's a compromise to the quality or strength of the slatwall inserts, then this could be potentially hazardous to you, your colleagues and your customers!

Suit the style of your shop

We can make your shop stand out from the crowd by installing slatwall inserts that have different finishes. Dependent on the finish you're looking to achieve, UK Shopfittings have a selection for you to choose from to make your shop that little bit more personal for your target customers. All our slatwall inserts can match the displays within your shop, all you have to do is choose a colour that's suitable!

Be secure

This requires careful consideration. We recommend you use the clip-in PVC slatwall inserts if your products are relatively lightweight, otherwise, you may be better suited to the aluminium slatwall inserts we stock. The aluminium slatwall inserts at UK Shopfittings are more sophisticated and suitable for heavy duty applications.

Utilise space efficiently

Slatwall inserts from UK Shopfittings are ideal for maximising space to make your products more presentable and striking.

As well as brightening up your shop and creating a unique display, the slatwall inserts can be positioned horizontal or landscape to suit your specific needs. We also have "L Section" and "T Section" slatwall inserts that slide into grooves with ease.

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