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UK Shopfittings - Shop Counters

When it comes to choosing shop counters, you need to make sure that it suits the size and style of your shop. A UK Shopfitting shop counter can either seamlessly complement the design of your shop or add a dynamic design that stands out from the rest of your displays - it's entirely up to you!

The retail counters that we provide are perfect for display purposes. And with one of the retail counters we provide, you can be sure to maximise the space you have available and make your products more endearing.

No matter which one of our shop counters takes your fancy, they are all pre-built to make the process of improving your business, easier and less time-consuming.

UK Shopfittings is home to a complete range of retail counters, so why not choose a counter that suits your commercial requirements specifically.

Make It Match

With shop counters, you have free reign over what goes where and how it gets presented. If you're a stickler for everything looking similar, our Melamine shop counters will be right up your street!

The Melamine counters are ideal for various retail industries who are looking to make their slatwalls and shop counters blend together seamlessly.

When it comes to choosing affordable shop counters that are in your budget, UK Shopfittings can help! We have a range of budget counters that are guaranteed to bring excellent value for money!

Make It Sophisticated

Shop counters needn't be plain and boring! Why not add a touch of glamour to your business and make it pop?

Here at UK Shopfittings, we can help you to add those quality finishing touches to your shop using the Marmoleum retail counters, offering peace of mind when it comes to creating something attractive!

You'll have seen the Marmoleum shop counters in department stores and at the post office, two very different shops yet the same counter tops! As with any of our counters, you can rest assured that they'll be manufactured to the highest quality, consider our range of quality counters too!

Be Specific

Don't be scared to put your personal stamp on the retail counters. The laminate shop counters from UK Shopfittings are available in a choice of colours and a wide range of surface finishes, ensuring that you find exactly what your shop is missing!

The laminate counters are most prominent at the front of house, they're professional but perfect for maximising space!

Choose Seamless Shop Counters

Retail counters are becoming far too similar, of late, so why not take a more contemporary approach and go for something outside your comfort zone? The Hanex solid surfacing retail counters are exactly what you need if you're looking to improve your sales. Making sure you provide something for your customers who pay attention to detail.

Be Tactical

In one sense, retail counters can be installed cleverly. They can be fitted to not only improve sales but to encourage impulsive buys. Often customers are too busy remembering what they came into the shop for that they forget about the necessities! This is where one of our shop counters comes in handy…

The shop counters from our collection can be fitted to almost any shop to present products in a way that's eye-catching.

UK Shopfittings will be more than happy to provide you with any advice or information that you need regarding shop counters.

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