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Why to Invest in Slatwall Prongs for Your Store

As we’ve discussed in a few blog posts before this one, the ideal use of retail space comes in the form of slatwalls, which transform dead wall space into infinitely versatile retail shelving space, allowing you to mount displays in any configuration and in any combinations, and resulting in a much more effective retail display than the alternatives.

One of the best ways to use the space and versatility provided by a slatwall is by using slatwall prongs – a sort of hook or railing that extends out perpendicular to the slatwall and parallel to the ground, letting you hang retail goods out on display where they can be seen by your customers. This is ideal for goods which are made to be hung out on display, as many small packages are, or things which would not be well-advertised when lying flat on shelves.

By increasing the visibility of your products, you optimise your chances of making successful sales, and thanks to the variability of slatwall panels in allowing you to reconfigure your store, you can rearrange entire walls of your retail displays to suit seasonal products, new deals and offers, or for any other reason with very little notice – all you need to do is empty the display and start moving the slatwall prongs!

Thanks to the design of slatwall panels, the hooks can simply slide out and back in as necessary, allowing you to move them as you see fit, and the attractive wooden backing of the slatwall itself means that the baseline display will be eye-catching and stylish. With the various lengths available for slatwall prongs, multiple depths of display can be achieved, letting you stock any number of products or a wide range of product sizes. Due to this versatility, these prongs are used in millions of retail outlets across the world, from grocery stores and home stores to fashion outlets and electronics superstores!

How are slatwall prongs made?

A slatwall prong is a very simple piece of equipment, consisting of a metal rod and a small backplate made to fit into the gaps in a slat wall. Using this backplate, the prong can easily be put into position, and it locks thanks to the weight of the rod and any goods hung there, making it a secure way to simultaneously store and advertise your wares!

Usually made from one piece of metal, the thin slatwall prongs are pressed to shape precisely, ensuring a perfect fit with the slatwall panels which they are built to interface with. That perfect fit makes them a secure and convenient way to stock goods, and their small profiles and light weight make them easy to store and transport when not in use, making it easier to set up new displays and adapt your store configuration to suit your customers’ needs.

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